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400 x 400 mm SQUARE TRUSS (Ø 50 x 2,5 mm)

TQ400 series is a heavy duty truss system portable and easy to set up. They are a perfect solution for the installation and rental markets; they are also very useful for   permanent or semi permanent installations and for decorative purposes. 

TQ400 Truss is manufactured from extruded aluminium tube (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6 according to the security norm UNE-EN573) with polished finish for maximum durability and an unbeatable appearance. They offer the best combination: strenght, flexibility, lightweight and compactness.

All units are fitted with additional diagonal bracing (inner braces) for side loads, avoiding bending and deformations.

- Main tubes: Ø 50 mm x 2,5 mm

- Braces/Diagonals: Ø 30 mm x 2,5 mm

- Inner braces: Ø 30 x 2,5 mm

Square trusses of 400 x 400 mm are provided with a quick and reliable coupling system composed by female conical couplers with spigots and safety R-springs, Ref. UTR-03. Each TQ400 truss comes complete with the UTR-03 coupling system.

TQ400 truss offers a flexible, reliable and visual attractive solution for many applications like: Exhibitions, Stage Set Design, Conferences, Events, Production Touring, Decoration purposes (architectural and interior design...) Theaters, Night clubs, Rental companies...

GUIL manufactures a wide range of accessories and adapters for the TQ400 Truss series: base plates, boxcorners to enable the   creation of multiple configurations…


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