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Garantie: 2 ANI

Specificatii tehnice

LW 255 R

Telescopic lifter

It features a strong winch to easily lift the heaviest loads.
Features of this telescopic tower clearly mark the diff erence with previous models.

LW 255 R has been designed to lift up to 220 kg, thanks to four extensible steel profiles and a high traction resistant cable (guided by pulley featuring auto-lubricated bearing).

All the mobile system is fixed with safety fastener locks that are necessary during the tower strain.

LW 255 R features adjustable stabilizers on its legs for a perfect stability in any surfaces, including a bubble level to balance it. Four wheels below the winch ensure an easy use and transport. The tower has been dunked into a melting bath of zinc for a durable protection against corrosion and oxidation.

LW 255 R is available in silver (LW 255 R) and black finish (LW 255 R B).

The details that make the difference:
- LW 255 R features a strong, high quality automatic brake winch that allows heavy load lifting. It has been designed according to the VGB 8/10.93 norm.
- In order to move it easily, four wheels have been added at the base of the lifter.
- Pulley system and safety pin on each section. Vertex with reinforcement.
- High resistance stabilizer legs with rubber made base.
- LW 255 R features a bubble level vial, useful to balance the lifter and ensures vertical lifting, protecting load from inadvertent movements.
- For more convenience during transport, stabilizer legs are put in the space provided

- Four extensible steel profiles.
- Four wheels at the base of the lifter + handle for a convenient transport.
- Dunked into a melting bath of zinc for a durable protection against corrosion and oxidation.
- 55 mm diameter / suitable with many accessories.
- Colour available: Silver metal and black.

Technical data LW 255 R:
- Weight: 86.4 kg (190.48 Lb).
- Min load: 25 kg (55.12 Lb).
- Max load: 220 kg (485.02 Lb).
- Min height: 1.73 m (5.68 ft).
- Max height: 5.30 m (17.39 ft).
- Diameter: 55 mm (2.17").
- Unfolded base: 1.78 x 1.78 m (5.84 x 5.84 ft).
- Folded base: 0.46 x 0.46 m (1.51 x 1.51 ft).

- AW 155 / AW 255 / AW 355 / AW 19 / AW 13 / AW 555 / AW 455.

- Composition: 6 x 19 +1.
- Diameter: 6 mm.
- Resistance: 1770 N / mm2.

- Drum diameter capacity: 48 mm.
- Reduction range: 3.75 : 1.

Norms and certifications:
- Lifter: CE; BGV C1.
- Winch: 2006/43 EG; EN 1357; EN 12100.


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